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Un-Expected Love!!!
Naruto and Sasuke's
Greatest Prank

A Kiba X Ino FanFic

Rading: R

(Warning: May have disturbing and comical monents, hentai/anti-yaoi parts, and plain funnines)

The story takes place after Tshunade became hokage, the Sand village became good again, and Lee's inguries are healed.
Chapter 2:
The Problems part 2

Konoha Park: 12:47 P.M.

While Naruto was serching for Hinata, the cool looking Sasuke Uchiha is sitting on a bench in Konoha Park, dozzing off like he always dose on a realy good sunny day. Sakura is trainng to be a medical ninja under the teachings of Tshunade, the fifth hokage. She dosent want to lose Naruto and Sasuke to Orochimaru and Akatsuki ever again, so she is learning to be a medical ninja. Sasuke was never this happy in his life. Sakura hasn't botherd him about taking her to the 16th anual ninja-fest for a week because of her trainng, though, he kinda miss her, a-little. 2 days from now, the ninja fest will start, and the Konoha Battle-Royal, the main event of the festable, is where he and the Uzumaki kid, Naruto, will end their eternal rivaly. Sasuke was tinking about the fights he will face, untill a certen blondy girl with a big pony-tail jumped on the poor Uchiha from the back, giving him a BIG hug.

Ino, hugging Sasuke: "Hello Sasuuuuuukeeeee-kuuuuuuun!!!"

Sasuke new it was Ino. His day is distoride by his #1 fan-girl.

Pissed off Sasuke: " Get off of me Ino!!!"
Playfull Ino: "But darling, I realy want to see you"
Sasuke, Realy angry: "You will see death if you don't fucking get OFF!!!"

Sasuke tries to shake Ino off, untill he triped, accedently falling on top of the anoing fan-girl. Ino took advantage of it by grabing Sasuke's croch and softly rubbing his dick. Sauske tries not to moan in plesur and tries to get up, but his body refuses, as if it wants more.

Ino, licking her lips and in a sadusive grin: "Hoh Sasuke-kun, I didn't know you was a play-boy?!"

Sasuke was in shock, he knew Ino longs for a Fuck Moment(have sex) with him for a long time, but now!!! She has gone crazy. What if someone sees this? What if he gets her pregnet? He is lossing his will power, he can't resist any longer. Ino slowly leans her head twards Sasuke's, to give the kiss that will make the final blow to Sasuke's heart.

Sadusive Ino: "Now you are finaly Mine."

Suddenly, they heard a fearsom scream. They saw that it was Sakura, Who lost her shit seing them together.

Sakura, who lost her shit(the kill bill phycotic song playing): "IIIIIIINNNNNNOOOOO-PPPIIIGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sasuke' eyes tearnd into the anime-style OMFG eyes, as he got up ready to beg for mercy. Inovis scard-shitless as she let go of Sasuke's dick.

Scared-shitless Sasuke: "Sakura! It's not what you think! Ino was tring to saduce me! Please, spare me!"

Sakura, Still angry: "Then that were you going to do with that SLUT!!!

Sasuke, pleaing for mercy: "Sakura, please look into my eyes!!! Please belive me!!!!

Sakura stoped. She looked at Sasuke's eyes, and instantly Knew he is telling the trouth. She huged Sasuke, cring on his chest.

Cring Sakura: "OH Sasuke-kun! If I haden't showed up in time,I would have lost you forver!"
Sasuke with releaved, but anoyed Ichicho Eyes: "There there Sakura, it's OK."
Ino, Enraged: "Get off of my darling you Pink-hared Hore!!!"
Sakura in Phyco mode again: "YOU BBBIIITTTCCCHHH!!!!!!!!!"

As the two konoichi Fought a cat fight, Sasuke ran off in fear. He knew that if he stayed longer, he will be killed in the cross-fire. The males that are in the park saw Sakura and Ino in a serious cat fight, so, they gatherd around to see the hottist fight that has started. While Sasuke was running, he saw the pervert toad sage, Jiraiya of the Sannin, sitting on top of a tree, seeing the fight with his tellescope. Sasuke stoped to chatch his breath and to see if the village pervert is seeing Sakura and Ino's fight.

Sasuke in discust: "Hey Pervy-Sage, are you now seeing little girls naked insted of women?"
Jiraiya, annoyed at the Uchiha avenger: "Shut up! Cant you see this cat fight can revolutionize my reserch?"
Sasuke, annoed: "Watever. Only fucking Kakashi will only read your perverded books."
Jiraiya now Pissed: "Watch your language punk! Your mother tought you better!"
Sasuke, still annoyed: "Whatever."

Sasuke ran off, letting Jiraya to see the hot cat fight. The both girls are up to their braws and thongs as they try to kill eatch other. Sasuke's day is a bust, thanks mostly to Ino. Now his mood is like it always was on a normal day, a stick shovde up his ass.

To Be Continued...
I told you This chapter is fucked up.

If it is to perverded, then I'm sorry.
Maybe not.

Chapter 3 is commig soon.

To look for the first chapter, Serch: by:Magix243
Secretsoftgeworld Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
Spelling again!
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Sorry. It is in my nature as a guy who is not afrade to show his ideas. So respect my thoughts OK.
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ewww u went too far if i were sakura i would cut ino's head of.
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